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Editura Ars Docendi

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Play-Based Teaching in Primary School
Autor: Filip Bacalu, Mirela Rizea Marinescu
An: 2014
Pagini: 252
Format: 170 x 240 mm
ISBN: 978-973-558-775-8
Categoria: Științe sociale
   Nowadays, English is an international language, being used in many fields of activity, from business to everyday communication, thus placing us all non-natives at an equal disadvantage. That is why the study of English is very important and the most favorable period to become familiar with it is childhood. Children memorize easily and quickly foreign words, sounds, if English teachers know how to adapt their methods to children capacity of understanding. Kids like to learn English very much because it is the language of their animated cartoons. By learning English they can be closer to their beloved animated characters. And what can be the best way to teach our children English then the didactic plays? It is a kind of stepway to learning, a stepway to knowledge. The didactic play does what the best teacher cannot do. It fits to children’s needs. Didactic play is the bridge between the play, in general, as the main activity for kids, and learning.
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